Digital Portfolio



Life Awake is an alarm clock app designed for the heaviest of sleepers how need unique sounds and ringtones to wake up and get out of bed. Target users include those with Narcolepsy and other disorders of daytime sleepiness. Included is a wireframe, parts of a presentation, and a collage of images used for research purposes


Cardcercize is an eye exercise app derived from card exercise that was developed by eye doctors to treat various muscle disorders. This is a mobile application version of it that has the power to let the user know whether they are making progress towards being able to improve their medical condition. This is an image of the working prototype.

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This is my first wireframe, which was a class assignment to imagine what an existing website’s initial wireframe might look like. I chose the New York Post.


droid 2

This is a concept for MP3 player, designed specifically for the Android Platform.