About Benjamin M. Rosenbaum

A native New Yorker, Benjamin M Rosenbaum has been exposed to the Broadway lights and the Shakespearean stage since the age of 8. Rosenbaum was born into a diverse family that consisted of various types of musicians, acting and theater professionals, doctors, and business people. When his grandmother bought him a computer for his ninth birthday, Rosenbaum could never have imagined that one day he would be able to be integrate all those various fields into a career in the creative and business sides of digital technology.

After graduating high school with awards in both English and Mathematics, Rosenbaum went to Ithaca College to study Cinema and Photography. Ithaca was a profound experience for Rosenbaum as he sharpened not only his skills as a writer and his literacy, but also his leadership skills. While most students in his major took a basic Cinema production class, Rosenbaum substituted that requirement with an advanced level class in Developing and Producing Films, TV, and Web Series. While he was first known for his creative and expository writing, it didn’t take long for Rosenbaum’s leadership and managerial capabilities to become noticed. Rosenbaum moved back to New York City and founded his own production company, Edge Studios, where he took his entertainment to the level of New Media.  By the summer of 2012, Rosenbaum felt it was time to explore a new field in order to broaden his employment prospects and body of knowledge.

Rosenbaum just completed his studies in Digital Media at NYU’s School of Engineering. He continues to increase his technical skills in Digital Media, learning several programming, creative production, and project management programs. His base of experience includes an understanding of Ruby on Rails and is always looking to sharpen his technical knowledge. Since founding  his own digital content company, Brink App and Web Design, Rosenbaum has been working towards knowing enough to develop mobile applications of his own and a responsive web page for a psychology practice. Rosenbaum is now looking to combine his production and project management skills, developed as a film producer, with his technical digital media skills as a Web Project Manager, an Information Architect, or a Web Analyst.


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