Film Work


This is an Infomercial I produced and directed for a cloud computing startup company called Evolving Technologies. The company is based at Dumbo Incubator based out of NYU’s school of Engineering. It gives a description of the collaboration that could ultimately come from the technology being used.


This is a commercial I directed and edited as part of my Video for the Web class. It is a concept for how the Citibike system might create new features for how to improve their public bike riding system. My idea was the X-cycle described in the video and sketched from scratch.

A Doctor’s Image

This is a short film I wrote and produced for the Golden Doorknob Film Festival at Ithaca College. It tells the story of a psychologist and his wife of the same profession who struggle with keeping up a good image of their practice. Their ultimate downfall is their neglect of their young son.

A Series of Strange Occurrences

Thesis film by my classmate that I produced and helped market. This is a mystery surrounding three friends trying to figure out if the mysterious Silent Ed is abusing his girlfriend or not.

Mona Wonderstein

Mona Wonderstein wants her Long Island life perfectly under control. But then came along the grandchildren. And life started throwing its curve balls. No problem, she’s decided to be pitcher, catcher and umpire. Everything, but a life guard. When she loses her grandson at the beach someone has to account for the mishap and it might as well be God. This is a web series, where I produced the first two episodes.




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