Digital Portfolio


This is a snapshot of the working prototype of the the Cardcercize app. Cardcercize is a mobile application concept, designed for patients with rare eye muscle disorders, known as Strabismus problems, such as Convergence Insufficiency, Esotropia, and Lazy Eye. The app is derived from an exercise used to treat these disorders developed by medical professionals, and translated into mobile application.

carcedcrize in action

Code Sample

This is a sample of C code that I learned using Zed A. Shaw’s series of books titled “Learn Code the Hard Way.”


Wireframe of the New York Post

This is a wireframe of the New York Post website that was created as an introduction to the process of wireframing. using Balsamiq Mockups. It includes the front page and some recent articles that were relevant to the news at that time. The process involved taking an already published site and imagining what the initial wireframe looked like.

Sound Droid

Sound Droid is a simple concept for an MP3 player designed specifically for the Android Device. It is uniquely designed to store music in a way that is as efficient as iTunes, but not specific to Apple platforms and open source.

sound droid f

Life Awake

Life Awake is an Alarm Clock app in development for Windows Phone and other platforms down the road. For starters, there is a wireframe and Mockups of the app’s various features. Life Awake is designed for those with disorders of daytime sleepiness such as Narcolepsy, who struggle with getting out of bed and includes new sounds and tones, plus a wide variety of features to keep the user from oversleeping. In addition to the wireframe and mockups are a few examples of Life Awake’s initial presentation.

life awake


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